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CPO Extended Service Plan

Ford Protect Extended Service Plan is 100% backed by Ford Motor Company.  The choice is yours. The commitment is ours.


  • No unexpected expenses! If it is a covered repair, the only thing you pay  is the deductible you choose.

  • Ford Parts & Service! Factory-trained and certified technicians use Ford-authorized parts to keep your vehicle running at its best.

  • Total on-the-road protection! Roadside assistance and rental vehicle benefits keep you and your vehicle moving.

Everyone has different driving and budgetary needs. That's why a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan offers customers a broad choice of coverage options.


Certified Pre-Owned Inventory

Ford Extended Service Plan

A Great Value in the Service Contract Industry

PremiumCARE ExtraCARE BaseCARE PowertrainCARE
Drive Axle
Alternator -
Fuel Pump -
A/C -
Steering Gear -
Radiator - -
High-Tech - -
Safety - - -
Ford Audio - - -

Whether on Vacation or Around the Corner, a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan Takes Care of Life's Little Emergencies.

Roadside Assistance Coverage provides the following services:

  • Flat tire change
  • Battery jump-start
  • Towing (limited to one tow per disablement)
  • Lock-out assistance
  • Out-of fuel assistance
  • Emergency Travel Expense
    (up to $500 within the first 3 days per occurrence)
  • Destination assistance up to $75

Roadside Assistance is available on Ford Protect  PremiumCARE, ExtraCARE, BaseCARE and PowertrainCARE Extended Service Plan contracts.  Please see your dealer for more information.

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Ford WearCare

Prepare for what you can't predict.
WearCare waives up to $5,000 in wear and use.*

Normal wear and use:
  • Dents - Up to three incidents per panel 4" or less
  • Glass - Up to three scratches 4" or less
  • Wheels - Scratches or gouges 6" or less. No sidewall damage or plugs
  • Tires - No sidewall damage or plugs
  • Bumper - Dents 4" or less

Exclusions: WearCare is designed to meet your needs; however, there are some program limitations, including:

  • Excess mileage charges
  • Missing parts costing more than $200
  • Damage caused by seizure, confiscation, racing, criminal acts, war, radiation, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, improper repairs and alterations
  • Damage from use in certain commercial activities,  including delivery, taxi, emergency vehicle, rental, construction and landscaping

  Note: Damage covered by other products, such as insurance, service contracts, warranties and guarantees, will generally not be waived. Summary only. Always read and understand the details and terms of your WearCare contract.

*See your WearCare addendum for exclusions and complete terms and conditions. Always read all documents before purchasing.

Enjoy the many advantages of Wear Care:
  • Minimizes your worries about future expenses
  • Guards your wallet from unavoidable and/or significant expenses
  • Insulates your budget when you need it most
  • Provides peace of mind throughout your lease, even if you extend your term.

Know you're covered at lease-end

Everyone knows you can't foresee the future. Even the most conscientious driver can't prevent the inevitable. Rocks will still chip, carts ding and doors dent. That's why purchasing WearCare is a smart choice. This optional program will provide up to $5,000 in protection against charges from the things you can't predict.**

**Subject to the terms of your lease agreement

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