Here at Dean Arbour Ford we have six values that we live by: teamwork, integrity, trust, recognition, respect and loyalty. We work hard to live by these values each and everyday. When you walk into our showroom you will see each of these values displayed with pride!


                                                                                Teamwork is                                                                                
Working together for a common goal
Knowing your fellow employees have your back
Asking for help when needed; helping others
Taking care of customers
Getting results 

Integrity is:
Being honest with customers and fellow employees
Having pride in what you do
Telling the truth
Courage to admit mistakes; courage to learn and improve
Having the right principles

Trust is:
Always being honest with people
Giving respect that is deserved
Recognizing personal needs along with dealership needs
Showing strong character in a job well done
Having the confidence to believe in the relationship

Recognition is:
Telling someone when they do something special
Reinforcing good behavior
Acknowledge good work ethics
Reward hard work and loyalty
Giving positive feedback as much as negative feedback 

Respect is:
Being honest with fellow employees and customers
Treating people how you wish to be treated
Take into consideration dealership needs
Being courteous to others, treat everyone equal
Being considerate and admirable to the relationship

Loyalty is
Doing your job with commitment and enthusiasm 
Coming to work and having the best interest of the dealership in the decisions that are made
Spreading the word and promoting our business
Take pride in everything you do
Making choices that best fit the company